MOLART Reports and PhD theses


The PhD theses from the MOLART and De Mayerne research programs supported by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) are published in the MOLART Reports Series.

PDFs versions of these reports except nr 2, 3, 5 and 10 can be downloaded from (see publications). Also available from the University of Amsterdam.

Printed books can be ordered from JAAP-Enterprise for Art Scientific Studies using the contact form.

MOLART Reports book series

Report 1. Gisela A. van der Doelen, 1999.
Molecular studies of fresh and aged triterpenoid varnishes.
With atlas of mass spectra of triterpenoids.
ISBN 90-801704-3-7.

Report 2. Petri deWilligen, 1999.
A mathematical study on craquelure and other mechanical damage in paintings. With software programs. ISBN 90-407-1946-2. Sold out

Report 3. Kenneth R. Sutherland, 2001.
Solvent extractable components of oil paint films.
ISBN 90-801704-4-5

Report 4. Oscar F. van den Brink, 2001.
Molecular changes in egg tempera paint dosimeters as tools to monitor the museum environment.
ISBN 90-801704-6-1

Report 5. Margriet van Eikema Hommes, 2004.
Discoloration in Renaissance and Baroque oil paintings.
Book published by  Archetype Publications, London.
ISBN 1-873132-39-5.

Report 6. Jorrit D.J. van den Berg, 2002.
Analytical chemical studies on traditional linseed oil paints.
With atlas of mass spectra of fatty acids and diacids.
ISBN 90-801704-7-X

Report 7. Jaap van der Weerd, 2002.
Microspectroscopic analysis of traditional oil paint.
ISBN 90-801704-8-8

Report 8. Nicolas Wyplosz, 2003.
Laser desorption mass spectrometric studies of artist’s organic pigments.
ISBN 90-77209-02-6

Report 9. Georgina M. Languri, 2004.
Molecular studies of Asphalt, Mummy and Kassel earth pigments: their characterization, identification and effect on the drying of traditional oil paint.
ISBN 90-77209-07-7

Report 10. Klaas Jan van den Berg, 2009.
Analysis of diterpenoid resins and polymers in paint media and varnishes. With an attached atlas of mass spectra of diterpenoids.
Only as PDF.

Report 11. Katrien Keune, 2005.
Binding medium, pigments and metal soaps characterized and localized in paint cross sections.
ISBN 90-77209-10-7

Reports 12. Beatrice Marino, 2006.
Paints quantified: image analytical studies of preparatory grounds used by Van Gogh.
ISBN-10 90-77209-19-6

Report 13. Jaap J. Boon and Ester S.B. Ferreira (editors), 2006.
Reporting Highlights of the De Mayerne Program, Research Program on Molecular Studies in Conservation and Technical Studies in Art History.
ISBN 90-77875-14-X

Report 14. Annelies van Loon, 2008.
Color changes and chemical reactivity in seventeenth-century oil paintings.
ISBN/EAN 978-90-77209-17-2

Report 15. Yoshiko Shimazu, 2015

Chemical and optical aspects of appearance changes in oil paintings from the 19th and early 20th century.

Collaborative MOLART supported PhD theses:

Gerard J. Van Rooij (1999).
Laser desorption analyses in trapped ion mass spectrometry systems. University of Amsterdam. PhD dissertation. PhD thesis downloadable from AMOLF/publications (see

Ivana Pastorova (1997).
Chemically linking past and present: comparative studies of chars and resins. University of Amsterdam. PhD dissertation. PhD thesis downloadable from AMOLF/publications (see

Dominique Scalerone (2001).
Caratterizzazione e studi di invecchiamento di materiali pittorici organici naturali e sintetici, – Università degli Studi di Torino, Facoltà di Scienze Matematiche, Fisiche e Naturali. PhD dissertation.

Petra Novotná (2003).
An application of chemical analytical methods in the study of art objects, Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic. PhD dissertation.

Charis Theodorakopoulos (2005).
The excimer laser ablation of picture varnishes. An evaluation with reference to light-induced deterioration. 2005, Royal College of Art, London.
PhD Thesis downloadable from AMOLF/publications (see

Ilaria Bonaduce (2005)
A multi-analytical approach for the investigation of materials and techniques in the art of gilding. Univerisity of Pisa.