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My Metal Arts and Jewelry

Since 1998 my metal arts and jewelry making skills developed after earlier drawing, ceramic activities and work with beads. It is working with my hands that is so fascinating to experience and just feels good. While science is often a matter of looking and contemplation, the allure of craft is the active creative process and the interaction of eyes, brains, musculature and hands.

It is a pleasure to work with clay to form new from amorphous matter. Similarly, it is fascinating to create new treasures from sheet metal using tools and a flame. Highly challenging though and a never-ending learning process.

Here on display in the subpages a selection of rings both round and square, charms and pendants, bracelets and bolos or stone ties. Most of the jewelry is rather geometric and uses natural stones, found objects and lately dichroic glass.

Being able to introduce movable parts in my jewelry attracts me and keeps me thinking about new designs. Most designs are worn for a while by myself to find out how they feel and perform. My greatest pleasure is when clients are so happy with their new jewels. Enjoy.

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