Application of Instruments



JAAP Enterprise provides enabling equipment for

  • improved digital microscopic observation with XY stand systems
  • macro-photography of documents and paintings with a XY stand system
  • hyperfine polished surfaces for light and electron microscopy

MOPAS Stands

horizontaal statief met schilderij cropped

The XY stand systems were developed for Hirox digital microscopes. Additionally, the XY stand is perfect for detailed macrophotography with digital SLR photography of details in paintings where precise camera positioning is essential. The stand is also suitable for spectroscopy in 2D using XRF or FTIR.

The stand can be mounted on a fixed table in the restoration studio or museum laboratory. It is available on a mobile table  system for use in the museum.

The main advantage of our XY stand is the minimisation of external vibrations since the art work and stand plus camera are part of one setup. The microscope camera is positioned with micrometric accuracy in X and Y direction.

MOPAS XS-polisher

polijster AEmbedded cross sections of mini paint samples are often prepared manually. The polishing result is usually poor because it is impossible to keep the surface oriented correctly with respect to the grinding or polishing surface.

The MOPAS XS polisher ensures the correct position and results in a hyper fine reflective surface suitable for FTIR and Raman microscopy, antibody studies, imaging SIMS and scanning electron microscopy. Your light microscopic images will also have a better visual quality.